Urgent Care Services

MediCross is a 12 hour, 7 days a week Urgent Care Centre located at 8 Egmont Street, New Plymouth Taranaki.

Southern Cross insurance is accepted.

Walk in, no appointment necessary.

MediCross has an on-going commitment to the health of their patients and local community.

MediCross is equipped to deal with all common health problems including sports, industrial injuries and fracture assessment.


All patients presenting for urgent care at the MediCross Clinic will be triaged based on the Australasian Triage Scale. Children will however be in a triage category higher than adults.

The receptionists are aware of certain life threatening conditions and will call for nurse/doctor assistance if required immediately.

Patients will be seen according to their triage score and only the presenting complaint will be treated during the consultation.

Please note: on occasion both ACC surcharge and cost of medical consultation may apply.

GP Services

MediCross General Practice Clinic provides all routine GP services for their registered patients.

Appointments may be made at reception or by calling 06 759 8915. Appointments are 15 minutes for 1 main complaint. Please request double appointment for multiple complaints (double charge applies).

Registered patients should book an appointment with their preferred GP Monday to Friday. However, if an urgent medical problem arises, patients are welcome to attend the walk-in clinic.

Our GPs are:

  • Dr Jan de Klerk
  • Dr Hilary Sarhatt
  • Dr Gal Carmi


Prescriptions are important documents which can only be provided by qualified professionals. They instruct the pharmacist to appropriately dispense the medication for you. A maximum of 90 days medication is legally permitted on most prescriptions.

If you have been stabilised on a regular medication your doctor may agree to provide a prescription without a consultation. A script charge will apply. Every six months, or every second repeat, an appointment will need to be made to see your GP to review medications. In some instances you may be advised to come in for a review earlier.

We do not accept telephone requests for prescriptions.

Email: script@medicross.co.nz with your request.


The completion of this request is for patient safety and to minimise medication error. This is a quality improvement by our clinic. Please ask at reception for a 'Patient Medication Request Form'. This may be faxed or handed into reception. Email requests are acceptable but please provide all personal details:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Medication name and dose
  • Frequency required

Please fax to 06 759 8917 or email script@medicross.co.nz

Manage My Health


Freedom to manage your appointments at the clinic, email your doctor, email prescription requests, and check your results. Please ask at reception to register. Each individual will need their own personal email address.

Travel Consultations/Vaccinations

Our travel clinic offers advice and information about how to keep healthy whilst abroad. Our clinic covers full travel advice, the required vaccinations and documentation for the area, including Yellow Fever and malarial advice. Travel products are available to purchase at City Care Pharmacy attached to the clinic.

Please complete and return this form 2 - 4 weeks before your travel departure.


Other Services

MediCross General Practice Clinic offers a wide range of medical services to all patients.

Some services include a surcharge.

Other Services Provided

  • Alcohol testing
  • Audiometry
  • Childhood immunisations
  • Diabetes checks
  • Dietary advice
  • Drug test – both Onsite and ESR
  • ECGs
  • Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen)
  • Medicals
    • Pre-employment
    • Driver’s licence (conditions apply)
    • Diving medicals
  • Minor surgery
  • Skin checks - mole diagnosis with MoleMate
  • Pharmacy
  • Plastering and treatment of fractures
  • Podiatrist - Feet and Co Podiatry feetandcopodiatry@gmail.com
  • Sexual health consults free for age under 23 years
  • Smoking cessation support
  • Spirometry
  • Well woman clinic
  • Work medicals
  • X-ray service

Cover for GP Doctors After Hours

We provide an after hours service 7 days a week, 5:00pm to 8:30am for the following doctors:


Tui Ora Family Health

  • Dr B Leuthart
  • Dr D Grant
  • Dr M Asim
  • Dr S Cheema

Parklands Medical Centre

  • Dr J Tuhoe
  • Dr U Bagga

Waitara Health Centre

  • Dr B Wood
  • Dr E Banowetz
  • Dr L Cranstoun
  • Dr R Shonowo
  • R Strauss (Nurse Practitioner)

Family Practice

  • Dr J Bellomo

Eastside Medical Centre

  • Dr B Bhakta
  • Dr N Lupton
  • Dr A McNeil
  • Dr A Poole
  • Dr W Chang

Moa Medical Centre

  • Dr Z Bolam

Carefirst Westown Medical Centre

  • B Pepperell (Nurse Practitioner)
  • Dr A Brown
  • Dr D MacDonald
  • Dr G Fulton
  • Dr G Putt
  • Dr L Gibberd
  • Dr Yu-Ching Yu

Phoenix Urgent Doctors

  • Dr R Bruce

Strandon Health Ltd

  • Dr W Cartledge

Moturoa Medical Centre

  • Dr G Churchman
  • Dr M Fernando
  • Dr S Prior

Devon Medical Centre

  • Dr M Dalman
  • Dr N Dalman
  • Dr A Edwards
  • Dr C Hill
  • Dr J Hucker
  • Dr N Jacquemard
  • Dr N Jenkins
  • Dr P Leary
  • Dr C Ng
  • Dr U Rapley

Merrilands Medical Centre

  • Dr I Danych
  • Dr T Hawkin
  • Dr N Lourens
  • Dr P Riley

Family Health Centre

  • Dr P Egli
  • Dr T Keough
  • Dr V Law
  • Dr D White

Dr S Finnigan Inglewood

  • Dr S Finnigan

Vivian Medical Centre

  • Dr A Lawson
  • Dr R Pascoe
  • Dr S Smith
  • Dr J Teague

City West Medical Centre

  • Dr K Gadd

Central Medical Centre

  • Dr R Koen


  • Dr C Martin
  • Dr S Oldfield

Full Circle Medical

  • Dr C Morrison

Tukapa Medical Centre

  • Dr I Price

City Care Pharmacy

Open 8am - 8pm, 7 days a week. Most prescriptions and pharmaceuticals are immediately available. A wide range of over-the-counter medicines are also available.

Tel: +64 (0)6 757 4614
Fax: +64 (0)6 757 4610
Email: citcare@xtra.co.nz

Taranaki Radiology

Open 9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday and on call for MediCross urgent care patients.

Tel: 06 759 4317